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Katılan sanatçılar ve sahneye çıkış sıraları

Woodstock'a katılan sanatçıların söyledikleri parçaların tam listesi ve doğru kronolojik sıralama:
15 Ağustos 1969 Cuma

Richie Havens : (Saat 17:07)

1-Minstrel From Gault2-High Flyin' Bird3-I Can't Make It Anymore4-With A Little Help5-Strawberry Fields For Ever6-Hey Jude7-I Had A Woman8-Handsome Johnny9-Freedom Country Joe McDonald

1-I Find Myself Missing You2-Rockin' All Around The World3-Flyin' High All Over The World4-Seen A Rocket5-Fish Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag Bert Sommers (Akşam saat 20:00)

1-Jennifer2-America Tim Hardin (Akşam saat 21:00 civarı)

1-Misty Roses2-If I Were A Carpenter Ravi Shankar (Akşam 22:35)

1-Raga Puriya-Dhanashri / Gat In Sawarital2-Tabla Solo In Jhaptal3-Raga Manj Kmahaj / Alap Jor / Dhun In Kaharwa Tal / Medium & Fast Gat In Teental Melanie

1-Beautiful People2-Birthday Of The Sun Arlo Guthrie

1-Coming Into Los Angeles2-Walking Down The Line3-Amazing Grace Joan Baez (01:30)

1-Joe Hill2-Sweet Sir Galahad3-Drug Store Truck Driving Man4-Swing Low Sweet Chariot5-We Shall Overcome 02:00 Yağmur yağmaya başlıyor. 3 saat boyunca yağıyor.

16 Ağustos 1969 Cumartesi

Quill : (Gece 00:15)

Waitin' For You Sweetwater

1-Motherless Child2-Look Out3-For Pete's Sake4-Day Song5-What's Wrong6-Crystal Spider7-Two Worlds8-Why Oh Why John B. Sebastian (11:00)

1-How Have You Been2-Rainbows All Over Your Blues3-I Had A Dream4-Darlin' Be Home Soon5-Younger Generation Keef Hartley

Santana (Sabah saat 02:30)

1-Waiting2-Evil Ways3-You Just Don't Care4-Savor5-Jingo6-Persuasion7-Soul Sacrifice8-Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries Incredible String Band

1-Catty Come2-This Moment Is Different3-When You Find Out Who You Are Canned Heat

1-A Change Is Gonna Come / Leaving This Town2-Woodstock Boogie3-Going Up The Country4-Let's Work Together5-Too Many Drivers At The Wheel Grateful Dead

1-St. Stephen2-Mama Tried3-Dark Star / High Time4-Turn On Your Lovelight Creedence Clearwater Revival

1-Born On The Bayou2-Green River3-Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)4-Commotion5-Bootleg6-Bad Moon Rising7-Proud Mary8-I Put A Spell On You9-Night Time Is The Right Time10-Keep On Choogin11-Suzy Q Janis Joplin

1-Raise Your Hand2-As Good As You've Been To This World3-To Love Somebody4-Summertime5-Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)6-Kosmic Blues7-Can't Turn You Loose8-Work Me Lord9-Piece Of My Heart10-Ball and Chain Sly & the Family Stone (01:30)

1-M'Lady2-Sing A Simple Song3-You Can Make It If You Try4-Stand!5-Love City6-Dance To The Music7-Music Lover8-I Want To Take You Higher The Who (03:00)

1-Heaven And Hell2-I Can't Explain3-It's A Boy4-19215-Amazing Journey6-Sparks7-Eyesight To The Blind8-Cristmas9-Tommie Can You Hear Me10-Acid Queen11-Pinball Wizard12-Abbie Hoffmann Incident13-Fiddle About14-There's A Doctor I've Found15-Go To The Mirror Boy16-Smash The Mirror17-I'm Free18-Tommy's Holiday Camp19-Naked Eye20-Shakin' All Over21-My Generation22-See Me Feel Me23-We're Not Gonna Take It24-Summertime Blues Jefferson Airplane (08:30)

1-The Other Side Of This Life2-Plastic Fantastic Lover3-Volunteers4-Saturday Afternoon / Won't You Try5-Eskimo Blue Day6-Uncle Sam's Blues7-Somebody To Love8-White Rabbit 17 Ağustos 1969 Pazar

Joe Cocker : (14:00)

1-Delta Lady [Penthouse review]2-Some Things Goin' On3-Let's Go Get Stoned4-I Shall Be Released5-With A Little Help From My Friends Çok şiddetli rüzgar ve yağmur (14:25)

Max Yasgur yağmur sonrası sahneye davet ediliyor. (17:00)

Country Joe & Fish

1-Barry's Caviar Dream2-Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine3-Rock And Soul Music4-Thing Called Love15-Love Machine6-Fish Cheer (18:12) / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag Leslie West / Mountain (18:30)

1-Blood Of The Sun2-Stormy Monday3-Theme From An Imaginary Western4-Long Red5-For Yasgur's Farm6-You And Me (?)7-Waiting To Take You Away8-Dreams Of Milk And Honey9-Blind Man10-Blue Suede Shoes11-Southbound Train Ten Years After (20:00)

1-Good Morning Little Schoolgirl2-I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes3-I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always4-I'm Going Home The Band (10:30)

1-Chest Fever2-Don't Do It3-Tears Of Rage4-We Can Talk About It Now5-Long Black Veil6-Don't Ya Tell Henry7-Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos8-Wheels On Fire9-Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever10-The Weight Johnny Winter

1-Introduction2-Hideaway3-Messin' with the kid4-Johnny B. Goode5-Come on my kitchen6-Rollin' & trumblin7-Help me8-Stranger9-Jumping Jack flesh10-Bony Moronie Blood, Sweat & Tears (00:00)

1-More And More2-I Love You Baby More Than You Ever Know3-Spinning Wheel4-I Stand Accused5-Something Coming On Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (03:00)

1-Suite Judy Blue Eyes2-Blackbird3-Helplessly Hoping4-Guinnevere5-Marrakesh Express6-4 + 207-Mr Soul8-Wonderin'9-You Don't Have To Cry10-Pre-Road Downs11-Long Time Gone12-Bluebird Revisited13-Sea Of Madness14-Wooden Ships15-Find The Cost Of Freedom16-49 Bye-Byes 18 Ağustos 1969 Pazartesi

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

1-Everything's Gonna Be Alright2-Driftin'3-Born Under A Bad Sign4-All My Love Comin' Through To You5-Love March Sha-Na-Na

1-Na Na Theme2-Jakety Jak3-Teen Angel4-Jailhouse Rock5-Wipe Out6-Who Wrote The Book Of Love7-Duke Of Earl8-At The Hop9-Na Na Theme Jimi Hendrix (08:30) [

1-Message To Love2-Getting My Heart Back Together Again3-Spanish Castle Magic4-Red House5-Master Mind6-Here Comes Your Lover Man7-Foxy Lady8-Beginning9-Izabella10-Gypsy Woman11-Fire12-Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Stepping Stone13-Star Spangled Banner14-Purple Haze15-Woodstock Improvisation / Villanova Junction16-Hey Joe Konser 10:30'da Jimi'nin sahneden inmesiyle bitiyor.

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